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Vengeance Sound ? Avenger Expansion Pack EffectsEDM (UNLOCKED) (Avenger)

We love Italo Disco music, you can cleary hear that in vol. 1&2... so it was clear from the beginning, that there will be a another volume: Now its time for the 3rd round! Italo Disco, a long extincted genre from the 80s/90s is back with a vengeance! Manuel Schleis and Marcel Susenburger united a third time to revive these long forgotten sounds in the most authentic way: by using many of the original hardware, which had been used back in the days. There is no other Italo Disco collection on the market, reaching this level of love for details. It's all here, analog basslines, digital bells, powerful drums and toms, warm brasses and pads - and sequences which will immediately want you to dance. You know that you want this unique expansion pack! Get this time-travel ticket and cast a smile on your face.

Vengeance Sound – Avenger Expansion pack EffectsEDM (UNLOCKED) (Avenger)

Get ready for the new "EuroDance 90s" expansion pack - containing the best sounds of the biggest music decade ever - and this expansion pack has everything which made the 90s so great: these FM basses, these rave pianos, these characteristic knocking drums, jungle breakbeats, pizzicato plucks, 303s, digital pads, oldschool stabs, voxy leads and female vocal hooks & male raps as multiloop kits (yes!). Each sound is authentic to the highest level - mostly designed on actually 90s hardware - its like a journey, back to the time when music was inspiring, unique and fun. Manuel Schleis and Stephan Endeman pulled all triggers to make this expansion the best of its kind. Its time to bring a lot classic sounds to a new audience - get this outstanding XP pack now!

One of the most exiting new modern genres: Bigroom EDM meets Rave! Welcome "Future Rave" - This new expansion pack by Andy Hinz brings you into the game: 130 presets, consisting of syncopated arps, thumping kicks, gritty basses, stabs, pluckes and even some "classic" Rave sounds, as well as many carefully crafted drumkits which really make the difference - this pack leaves no wish unfulfilled and is a true gamechanger in your arsenal. One of the best modern tools for chart topping club music, dont let this pass by on you... get your copy now!

Attention, some wonderful art of sound incoming: Melancholia vol. 1 is here and delivers the best cinematic, ambient, chillout, lounge and trance textures & atmospheres you can find. Professional pianist and producer Alan Morris created this outstanding expansion pack, full of emotions and feelings, of surprises, true gems and masterful compositions - this is one of a kind! Similar to our Atmospherica expansion packs, this expansion makes a lot use of granular synthesis and will be the heart and center of your track. Explore dark atmospheres, sad pianos, epic strings, evolving pads and cinematic arcs of suspense. Come and join this exciting trip into sound!

Finally, Melodic Techno for VPS Avenger has arrived! Manuel Schleis finally delivers for one of his favourite Genres: "Melodic Techno 1" includes everything which is great about music: Fat vintage analog sounds, warm & deep drums, randomized modulations, euphoric melodies, vocals and polyrhythmic arps. Its all here in outstanding quality, utterly inspiring, unexpected, epic! Did we mention you will also get: vocals? Enjoy a complete collection of female, male & arabic phrases. Every EDM, House, Techno or Trance producer should not hesitate one second to get this beast of an expansion pack!

Do you remember this awesome time period around the 2000s? Trance music at its peak - it even managed to happen in the radio / mainstream with these wonderful melodic vocals! Now its time to revive these sounds (and vocals!) with the new Vocal Trance expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. This big pack contains tons of sounds from around the 00s, drums, arps, leads, pads and -of course- 24 complete vocal kits (as multiloops, so they follow your tempo and key seamlessy). Its a blast to play all these sequences live - or in other words: a blast from the past! Truly a must have for every trance producer.

Here are the good summer vibes for you: Tropical House 2 is here! Sound designer Mirko Ruta did it again and created 129 wonderful plucks, arps, basslines, leads pads, drums and even vocals, all bundled in a big expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. Of course this expansion can also be used for deep house, chart pop, hiphop and all kind of EDM and trance. The flute-like leads and mallet-pluck sounds are one of a kind. Enjoy this beautifully crafted expansion and always remember: the next summer will come!

Take a deep breath, sit down and relax: Chillout Lounge 1 is here and offers you the very best sounds, drums and melodies of all kind of slow tempo music, like: Ambient, Lounge, Chillout, Meditation Music, Cinematic Music, Wellness and of course even modern Trance, Melodic Techno, Pop & EDM. This expansion pack is packed with pure beauty and elegancy: Half tempo breakbeats, the most wonderful pads you will ever hear, natural instruments like flutes, voices or pianos, masterfully programmes sequences and arpeggios - a true must have for all relaxed music genres!

Its time for unpolished raw and dirty sounds: LoFi House is here! Explore a totally new world of sound, offering all the characteristics of ancient tapes, vinyls and vintage samplers in one big House expansion pack. Warm noise, hum, flutter, crackles, distortion, low resolution samples, bad interpolation, bitnoise and everything else you usually don't want to have - here it is the star of the show! This expansion provides wonderfully sampled old drums, pianos, pads, arps, synths, effects and vocals, which all will add that magic sounding "grit, dirt and coolness" to your productions. A must have for every House, HipHop, Techno or LoFi producer!

Welcome to a very special decade of dance music: "Italo Disco 1" is here! Born in the 80s but its influence is important until today. Danceable "4 on the floor" beats paired with powerful analog and digital sounds, tight drum machines and wonderful melodic compositions - thats "Italo Disco"! Manuel Schleis and Marcel Susenburger teamed up in this extensive expansion pack with some additional sound design from genre specialist Espen Kraft. All of the 129 contained multisamples have been painstakingly created on real 80s hardware gear, perfectly looped and remastered so you also get kind of a time capsule of the greatest synths of that era. Dont miss this exceedingly great expansion pack for your Avenger!

Welcome to "The Collection" - an ambitious project, gathering 8 of the worlds best sound designers, to work on one gigantic expansion pack. We are proud to present this epic collaboration of Manuel Schleis, BigTone, Andy Hinz, Stephan Endemann, Marcel Susenburger, Marcel Seifer, Mirko Ruta and Alan Morris! Each Sound Designer contributed what he can do best, resulting in a highly diversified expansion pack which is one of a kind! With 175 (!) presets, one highlight chases the other, you can find sounds of any kind and genre here, ranging from EDM, Trance, House, Synthwave, Vocal Dance to Pop, Cinematic, Chillout and anything between. This expansion pack is a must to own and a true treasure trove of inspiration!

Finally, Future Bass is here! Sound designer Mirko Ruta shows his incredible skills in this genre and created shocking basslines, pulsating chords, clever arpeggios, breathtaking sequences, vocals, fat leads, effects and wonderfully designed drumkits. Dont miss this extraordinary expansion pack for VPS Avenger. This inspiring pack will keep you motivated for months! Of course you can use these new sounds in your Hip Hop, Trap, House, Trance or EDM productions as well...

Welcome to the next level of cinematic sound design: Cinematic Loops 1 is here! Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz opened their sound archives and created a unique masterpiece of 133 action driven blockbuster sounds, using over 170 outstanding granular loops, 30 new epic drumkits and many new cinematic multisamples. This pack plays arps/sequences, similar to the "Atmospherica" expansion pack, but with more control: This time, granular and regular synthesis blend seamlessy together, to create wild pumping basslines, spectral textures, sinister drones, beautiful atmospheres and thrilling effects, cinematic risers, real orchestral stuff and so much more... This pack impressively shows what Avenger can do - You will love to use this also in your Trance, Chill or EDM productions for sure.

The 80s are back! And they sound more glorious than ever before. Synthwave II is here! If the past and future had a child, it would be this expansion pack. Manuel Schleis pulled out all the stops and designed 132 presets full of fat analog 80s sound design, like big gated drumkits and roughly distorted cyberpunk basslines. Also included are 139 first class digital wavetables of the DX era that let you create the best sounding bells, FM-sweeps, growly basslines, digital plucks and even talking vocoders. Layer many of these wonderful wavetables and you`ll get the fattest bells, sweeping airy pads and fantasy digital leads you`ve never heard before! And, of course, we use the newest Avenger technology: multiloop guitar kits (80s power distortion and improvised lead guitar riffs) are part of this gigantic expansion, too. Have we mentioned the 91 new arp patterns yet?

Get ready for the ultimate Trance power: Trance Invasion has landed to infiltrate your music! Explore 128 outstanding Avenger Trance presets, made by sound designer Adam Szabo. Lush pads, wonderful plucks & arps, epic leads, perfectly mixed beats & basslines and uplifting effects along with brand new shapes, drumkits and multisamples will make this expansion pack your new number 1 tool for your next big room Trance hymns!

Its time to bounce... The new Future Bounce expansion pack for VPS Avenger is here! Andy Hinz and Marcel Seifer teamed up to bring you the hottest club and EDM sounds in the likes of Brooks, Martin Garrix, Hardwell & co. Explore inspiring arps & sequences, dancefloor destroying basslines, cutting leads and plucks, banging risers for your breaks and hard hitting drumkits - all in crystal clear quality and "ready to use" in your tracks... A must have for all EDM producers!


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