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11 - Filen 22.09

Starting with the 22.09 release, you can reference assets from an existing Frontify content management system (CMS) account for use in tasks and creatives. This feature enables you to access the Frontify Asset browser from within SAS Customer Intelligence 360. You can take advantage of the existing functionality of Frontify and directly insert images from that CMS.

11 - Filen 22.09

In the 22.09 release, you can now use the JavaScript Events API to detach a user's identity from both web sessions and mobile sessions with a single event. With this feature, you can detach identities more efficiently across both the web and mobile channels.

As part of our defense-in-depth against rollback attacks, recovery and rollback to earlier versions of the Azure Sphere OS prior to 22.07 will be unavailable on devices that have already updated to the 22.09 release.

After a device updates to the 22.09 release, it will no longer be able to run a release of the Azure Sphere OS earlier than 22.07. This means that you will be unable to recover a device to an earlier release after it has received the 22.09 update. The 22.07 release will become the earliest release that can be installed on the device.

The 22.09 Azure Sphere release provides a simpler setup process using vcpkg artifacts to bootstrap your development environment to build real-time capable applications. For more information, see Tutorial: Build a real-time capable application. 041b061a72


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