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Her next film wouldnt be another period piece, though. It wouldnt even be a period piece, for that matter. She wouldnt return to the black-and-white days of Raymond Roquels 1934 film, A Star Is Born. Instead, Hudsons next would be a much more modern production. Although she had tried her hand at some theatrical material, 1934s Undercurrents was the first time she would fully delve into the Western genre with Sombrero (which she also co-wrote). While the plot still revolves around an actress (Sandy), who enters into a rags-to-riches love triangle with her tough agent (Clark Gable) and the star athlete (Hopalong Cassidy) who is in love with her, the film also showcases a side of the actresss character that we havent seen in the past. From drinking (she only had one drink in 1934s Only Angels Have Wings. This time, she wants to stop). And though she tries to keep it a secret, a scene in the final act shows her as a vibrant, flirty, fun-loving woman. Though she seems more reserved in public, she still longs to have an active social life. Had she lived, shed no doubt have put her stamp on Hollywood as one of its most multi-faceted stars.

Hollywoods interest in adapting novels for film was rampant from the 1910s, but the directors that were to transform the popular genre and the lives of readers were Victor Walkers 1937 Gone With The Wind , based on Margaret MacCassells 1936 novel. It wouldnt be the first time that a book by an unknown author was transformed into a successful hit film. The 2007 version of Gone With The Wind was based on its source, Margaret Mitchells 1936 novel, with the same basic storyline. 3d9ccd7d82

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