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Make a bold statement by sending two dozen long stemmed red roses to someone you adore. This large bouquet is filled with 24 red roses, which are long stemmed to bring a smile to her face. The Two Dozen Red Roses are a perfect gift to send to her work, so she can show off how much you love her. Complete the bouquet by choosing a vase you think she would love including a custom photo vase or a keepsake red vase.

Traditional roses are expected and ordinary; your special someone is anything but ordinary. Our Golden Girls Rose yard sign kit comes with 12 of Rose, Betty White's character from the hit 80s TV show the Golden Girls. The kit also includes a sign reading "A Dozen Red Roses Just for You!" along with 13 metal yard H-stakes. Everything you need to ding-dong-ditch these for your special someone this Valentine's Day or on their birthday. Once used, reuse these Golden Girls Rose yard signs amongst your best friends for years to come. Made of commercial-grade corrugated plastic material so it will hold up in all weather conditions. Ink is fade resistant and provides a smooth, glossy finish.

The first pro-life witness to take the stand was Laura Gies. Laura explained that she had six children and one baby in heaven from miscarriage. Wearing a dress with red roses on it, the soft spoken woman also related how she is now a new grandmother of a little baby who is 20 weeks old in the womb.

Love is in the air. Or if it isn't, it will be when you surprise her with a gorgeous array of light pink spray roses, fragrant white lilies and other favorites in a sparkling glass vase. You know when she'll love it the most? When it's a total surprise.

Fossil records indicate that the rose is an extremely ancient flower, likely originating in Central Asia tens of millions of years ago. But for a more poetic version of its inception, turn to one of the several ancient stories that tell of how roses came to be associated with love. Some of the most famous come from Greek mythology.

According to the Greek poet Anacreon, the white rose first appeared during the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love; and it's from her blood that roses later became red. The goddess discovered a plot against her lover, Adonis, who would be mauled by a boar while hunting. Cutting her foot on some rose thorns as she rushed to warn him, specks of blood splashed the white petals and stained them crimson. (Unfortunately, she reached Adonis too late and he died from a wound to his leg.)

When Christianity began to spread, Bible stories incorporated roses as well. The Virgin Mary, a symbol of love and purity, is said to be crowned in thornless roses because she is without sin. And the Catholic church often decorates confessionals with roses as a sign of confidentiality during confession.

A dozen red roses is a timeless gift of love, and the time is always right to give and receive this enchanting gift. Birthday, anniversary or just because, the magic of roses will always cast its spell. You'll see.

Rose prices are up all over the world this year as costs have risen for airfare, fuel, labor, fertilizer and other components. Demand hasn't changed, though, people want their red roses for Valentine's Day. MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

Roses actually invade the dreams of Rob Palliser, Chris's brother. "The three days before Valentine's Day, I'm having... I don't know if you want to call them night terrors or dreams, but you're dreaming roses, right? It's that all consuming."

They can't swap in some other flower if their roses get stuck in Miami, which happened one year . They can't really even prepare that much because most people place their orders at the very last minute. "It's the last two days. It's insane," says Chris, Palliser. "At the end of the day, the procrastinators still win. That's when everything comes in."

But Chris Palliser says that's barely enough to cover costs. Even though Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year, it's not all


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