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Special Forces Subtitles English NEW!

The building up of China's special forces represents a shift in the country's operational thinking, from an army-dominated force structure to emphasizing integrated joint operations, with a flexible elite force.

Special Forces subtitles English

The PLA's interest in modern special warfare was first noted in the mid-1980s when it was shifting its military stance from a "people's war" to "fighting a local war under hi-tech conditions." The PLA planners believed that the next war would be a short, fast-paced conflict on the periphery rather than a total war on Chinese territory, and that conventional infantry-orientated ground forces would no longer meet their requirements. Additionally, the PLA's combat experience from the 1979 and 1980s border conflicts with Vietnam, where Vietnamese special forces caused substantial trouble to the Chinese forces, demonstrated the value of special units.

The PLA Rocket Force has a special forces unit called "Blade Commandos" (利刃突击队), it is specialized in special reconnaissance and facility protection operations. The unit can provide intelligence gathering and special protection capabilities for the Rocket Force.

The Imperial Special Forces was a term used to describe military units and individuals of the Galactic Empire who were trained to carry out special operations. Kolar Ludd, nicknamed "the Depopulator," came under this group.[9] The Storm Commandos were the special forces of the Stormtrooper Corps and trained to deal with extreme combat situations.[4] Imperial Special Forces troopers,[5] including the members of Inferno Squad, were also part of the Imperial Special Forces.[1] The 204th Imperial Fighter Wing was an elite fighter wing active during the Imperial Era.[2]

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