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The Bock beers of German origin can be seen as any style of beer that has been amplified or intensified in some way. Just as the Bohemian town of Pilsen is associated with the famous Pilsner malt, the north-central town of Einbeck can hold claim to the bockbier (sometimes found to have been called Ainpock or Oankbock). This style came in a time when the main beers of Germany were the examples found in the southern region of Bavaria. The brewing of these darker and stronger Bockbiers were soon undertaken in the city of Munich in 1540. Versions for the spring; Maibock, variations on its own name, the bold imperial Bock known as the Doppelbock and the highly refreshing wheat version; Weissbock or Weizenbock are all examples that have grown over time. 59ce067264


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