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If you were paying attention, you may have heard that SEGA has announced it will be reviving Jet Set Radio on PS3 and PS4, premiering sometime in 2017. This is great news for SEGA as well as fans of Jet Set Radio. However, there are a few things that you should know before you jump into a game of JSR as a SEGA fan. To begin with, this isn't the original Jet Set Radio. The original is still available for PSN. This is a sequel. Those of you who were excited about "Jet Set Radio" on PS4 back in December (and so were we) might want to stick with the original Jet Set Radio for the foreseeable future.

Oh, I know, I know: youre probably rolling your eyes at this point, like we are. JSR isn't the first, nor will it be the last, game to be revived for PlayStation platforms. Nintendo is coming out with a portable revival of its own, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Bungie is coming back with the long-awaited sequel to its classic Halo game. While there is nothing inherently wrong with doing this, the question becomes: is it a good idea to revive a franchise Does it even make sense to bring back a game that was a commercial and critical flop And, on a more personal level, what does any of this mean for the future of the original Jet Set Radio

While the ultimate answer to all of these questions is still some ways off, there are a few important things to consider before you do anything with JSR. First, despite the fact that it wasnt a commercial success, the game was still extremely well-received by critics and fans alike. It was beloved to the point that the developers found themselves working with different companies to expand the franchise. Whatever you do with Jet Set Radio on PSN, be assured that you're doing it with a game that received over 75% positive reviews from fans and critics alike. This is no Street Fighter 2. Second, it may not be JSR: Infinite, but it is definitely JSR. 3d9ccd7d82


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