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Memento Tamil Dubbed Movie 256

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Memento Tamil Dubbed Movie 256

the first attempt to re-make memento in india came in 2004. thats the story of director subramaniam siva, who made the film vetaalu thaadi vetaalu in tamil. siva reportedly poured all his savings into it, and the movie was a critical and box office success. but siva didnt have the proper rights to the english dubbed version of the film, which reportedly cost close to 20 million rupees to produce, and he was forced to discontinue his production. the story of the two heist gone awry was that he had to shoot the film under tight deadlines, and he had to cut out a lot of characters, including the main character, leaving the film with an anti-climactic ending. the film, which starred jayaram and was directed by ar murugadoss, reportedly made close to 3 million in its first week. it was also criticised for its low production values, which were supposed to have been shot on a shoestring budget.

now, memento has been remade again in india, with a release date set for this october. it will be the first time that the film is getting a theatrical release in india. the second time around, its called ananda thandavam in tamil. the film, which stars manjima mohan, is written and directed by rambal. mohan plays a college student who is obsessed with the story of a college professor who is being framed for his own murder. the film has already been shot, and will be released on 11th october, but the distributors have yet to announce a release date.

we should all be thankful to ambi for its fearless move and to rambal for his bold attempt at remaking memento in india. here are some of the key differences that rambal has incorporated in his version: 3d9ccd7d82


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