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In Your Soul

If we understand the soul as the unique essence or essential life force of something, we can see that everything has a soul because everything has one-of-a-kind life force energy. No two things in existence are ever exactly the same (even identical twins have differences).

In Your Soul

Here we can see the fundamental difference between soul vs spirit summarized: soul is earthly, mysterious, and accessed through the subconscious in dreams and visions. Spirit, on the other hand, is heavenly, content-free, and accessed through states of purified awareness (such as meditation).

I like to envision Spirit and soul in the following way: Spirit is a dark room and soul is the candle and spark of light in that dark room. This light that is our soul is consciousness (or Spirit) that is aware of itself.

Since the dawn of time, philosophers, poets, saints, mystics, and sages have referred to the ultimate purpose of the soul by many names: to achieve Buddha-nature, Enlightenment, Heaven, Christ-Consciousness, Moksha, Illumination, or Oneness.

We need to move through the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric pollution of our lives to reconnect with our souls. And this is not an easy path, especially when we are so habituated to a certain state of living.

To find your soul you need to question everything. You need to walk the path less traveled, be the lone wolf, and go in search of something more. This can be an uncomfortable path, hence why most people prefer the comfort and complacency of mediocrity. But learning to reconnect with your soul is a core part of the spiritual journey.

The body is the vessel of our soul, and connecting with it means reuniting with the wisdom and intelligence we innately carry. The body also carries a lot of tension and trauma (known as body armor), so releasing these blockages simultaneously releases the barriers that surround your soul.

The heart is the doorway to the soul, and learning to dive into it provides us direct access to the essence of who we really are. Opening, expanding, and removing (or making peace with) the burdens that weigh on our hearts helps us to invite the presence of our souls into daily existence.

The mind perceives and expresses the soul, but when our minds are contracted, polluted, attached to thoughts, and filled with fear we cannot access this essential part of us. Working with the conscious and unconscious mind will help us to dissolve the ingrained patterns, conditioning, and habits that obscure the divinity within.

Why are new souls made and when will they stop being made ? The planet already has too many people and the population is increasing all the time. How is that explained ? Why would more and more souls be made ?

When in the beginning the soul is in a state of unconscious oneness then why do the soul have to be consciousness of its oneness? Why do God have to make every souls that He created to be destined to be sinned? Like there are newborn souls who have not yet lived a lifetime yet, they are in oneness and why do they have to be destined to sin so why must these souls have to bear the same fate like the first human beings Adam and Eve? Must we have to be born to Earth as humans and living things when in fact we were once a new souls that were once in Paradise who have just created by God. We dont have to be conscious of our oneness at that first place which is our origin. So why do we have to be sinned so that we get to be conscious of oneness?

"When I hear someone use the word 'soul mate,' it often seems to connote exclusivity," Tess Whitehurst, spiritual teacher and bestselling author, tells mbg. Whitehurst feels we have many soul mates. And as we're all part of a common humanity or spiritual consciousness, we're actually all linked on a soul level.

Soul partners are specifically designed to help support you in this life emotionally, professionally, or in any other way you require to accomplish and experience what your soul planned to do here on earth.

When you feel a soul tie, it's simply the sense that another soul is in your life for a reason. For example, if your life is very busy yet you meet a new potential friend or potential business partner, the sense that you have a soul tie to this person could inspire you to make room in your life for the relationship.

Perhaps you're not in the market for a pet, but when a friend says they need to give up their pet because they have to move overseas unexpectedly, your clairsentient, or feeling, psychic pathway might give you the feeling that you have a soul tie with this animal and bringing it into your home is the right thing to do for both of you. You might think of soul ties as the ties that bind, like the Bruce Springsteen song!

If you suspect a past-life connection with a current lover, try to bring more healing to the situation, even if you break up. This might look like releasing them with love, wishing them well yet out of your life. Often when souls come back together in this lifetime they are looking to heal something or do better this time around.

What's not only possible but definite is that we are being given the opportunity to heal, learn, and grow because of the relationship. Even in the happiest or healthiest relationships, romantic soul mates can tend to tap dance on your biggest wounds or challenge you in uncomfortable ways. When two souls enter a romantic relationship, they're also entering a classroom together.

According to the theory, twin flames can love, challenge, teach, and heal each other in a unique, powerful way. Yet Whitehurst cautions against feeling like you need another person to complete you. Just remember there can be a shadow side of trying to fit people into a certain category in your life, including a spiritual category.

Think of them as spiritual sidekicks, people who seemed destined to be in your path so you both, in turn, can give each other love and encouragement when needed to keep going on your earthly odyssey. Don't underestimate the importance of soul mate friends.

Large groups of souls can be linked in soul families. This can show up as actual family members in this lifetime, like a cousin who is not only part of your earthly family but also your soul family, or as people working toward common goals who never meet, like activists around the globe working for a similar cause or spiritual seekers working to bring more love and awareness to the planet. Sometimes one soul will incarnate to try to help heal something in the family line, like a pattern of addiction, abuse, or disease.

Kindred spirits aren't always soul mates, but they can certainly be. Kindred spirits are simply people who really understand you. You might feel a kindred spirit is someone who shares the same spiritual beliefs you have or agrees with you about cultural issues to the point you could finish each other's sentences.

Intuitive and spiritual teacher Robert Ohotto describes soul contracts as agreements you made on a soul level to do certain things in this lifetime. You might have a soul contract to mentor a certain child or write a certain book. These contracts can be renegotiated, so if you're in a toxic situation, leave or change the dynamic to a healthier one. Yet feeling you have a soul contract to do something challenging, like start your own business, can give you the inspiration and stamina to make it through the difficult moments of that journey. Knowing if you have a soul contract around something or someone in your life is all about learning to follow your intuition.

A healer or mentor can come into your life via divine timing because they're a soul mate teacher. It could be the college professor who encourages you to go after a certain major or career path or the counselor or naturopath who teaches you how to better manage your anxiety.

Have you ever heard the cliché "ships that pass in the night"? It's a phrase used to describe someone who comes into your life but the timing and circumstances are not conducive to a long-term relationship. This phenomenon can happen with friends or lovers or colleagues, when for a short amount of time you are thrown together and share amazing experiences and awakenings.

In the case of the lover who passed, you might think of this person fondly for the rest of your life or even consider them a spirit guide. Soul crossings teach us not to judge the importance or depth of a soulmate by the length of the relationship.

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