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Alternatively, contact Black Ice Software via or or via telephone with the number displayed in the Your Registration Code field. Black Ice Software will provide a Release License code via email for you to paste into the Your License Number (from the reseller) field to activate the software.

Relevant electrophysiological evidence showing off-line coherent reactivation of neuronal ensembles in the HPC and in the VS after learning19, supports the hypothesis that post-training cross-structural communication between these two brain structures might be a critical mechanism for long-term stabilization of spatial information. However, the causal role of the functional interplay between HPC and VS in memory consolidation remains to be proven. In this study by silencing subicular projections to the VS, we demonstrated that off-line serial communication between these two brain regions is needed for spatial memory consolidation and the development of learning induced structural changes necessary for long-term memory stabilization.

The VS receives glutamatergic projections from the HPC, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex13,24,25,26. This circuit involves also trans cortical networks connecting the HPC to the VS indirectly through the amygdala or the prefrontal cortex27,28,29. Interestingly, activation of different projections leads to distinct physiological and behavioral responses16,18,30,31. Different aspects of spatial navigation seem to depend on the activity of separate limbic-cortical-striatal circuits18. Direct projection from the HPC to the VS would guide navigation in novel environment independent of previous knowledge. On the contrary, indirect projection through the prefrontal cortex would guide prospective navigation dependent on previously acquired information18. Our chemogenetic data challenge this view by demonstrating that consolidation of spatial memory, necessary to perform a delayed recall, depends on direct projection from the vSUB to the VS.

Whole Document Capture acquires the entire document, or form, as an image based on the surrounding borders of the content defined in the NG SimulScan Template Builder. Applies to Image Capture template type. The entire document can be captured with or without scanning a barcode. The document must have black borders surrounding all four sides or be bordered by a contrasting background, otherwise the document cannot be captured. 1e1e36bf2d


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