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DevExpress Universal 12.2.6 (2013) [2021]

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DevExpress Universal 12.2.6: A Comprehensive Suite of UI Controls and Tools for .NET Developers

DevExpress Universal 12.2.6 is a collection of over 600 UI controls, reporting platform, dashboard, framework, and code editor for .NET developers. It supports various platforms, such as WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, HTML/JS, and Blazor. It was released in 2013 and offers many features and enhancements to help you create stunning applications with ease.

What's New in DevExpress Universal 12.2.6

Some of the new features and improvements in DevExpress Universal 12.2.6 are:

A new WinForms Form Assistant component that helps you customize your forms with skins, form types, and basic settings.

A new WinForms Flyout Panel control that allows you to create auto-hide toolbars and side panels.

A new WinForms Taskbar Assistant component that helps you customize the Windows taskbar button, its live preview, and jump lists.

A new WinForms WinExplorer View for the Grid Control that emulates the Windows Explorer user interface.

A new WinForms Edit Form mode for the Grid Control that allows you to use an auto-generated or custom layout for data editing.

A new WinForms Map Control that supports DevExpress Application Themes and animated scrolling and zooming.

A new WPF Map Control that supports vector maps, map items, layers, legends, colorizers, and more.

A new ASP.NET Web Forms Spreadsheet control that allows you to create, edit, and view Excel files in a browser.

A new ASP.NET MVC Spreadsheet extension that provides the same functionality as the Web Forms control.

A new HTML/JS Pivot Grid widget that allows you to analyze multidimensional data in a web application.

A new HTML/JS Chart widget that supports multiple series types, axes, legends, tooltips, labels, and more.

A new HTML/JS Gauge widget that supports circular, linear, and bar gauges with various customization options.

A new HTML/JS Range Selector widget that allows you to select a range of values on a scale.

A new HTML/JS Tree List widget that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure with columns.

A new HTML/JS Data Grid widget that supports data editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, selection, summaries, and more.

A new HTML/JS Menu widget that allows you to create horizontal or vertical menus with submenus.

A new HTML/JS Toolbar widget that allows you to create toolbars with buttons, drop-down menus, separators, and more.

A new HTML/JS Tab Panel widget that allows you to create tabbed interfaces with content panels.

A new HTML/JS Accordion widget that allows you to create collapsible panels with headers and content.

A new HTML/JS Popup widget that allows you to display modal or non-modal popups with custom content.

How to Get DevExpress Universal 12.2.6

If you want to try DevExpress Universal 12.2.6 for free, you can download a 30-day trial version from here. You can also purchase a license from here. If you have any questions or feedback about DevExpress Universal 12.2.6, you can contact the DevExpress support team or visit their website. 248dff8e21


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