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Robotic lawnmowers have gone from being a relatively new idea to a mature product in a short space of time. In this Husqvarna 405x review I look at the performance, features as well as other important aspects of this Swedish automower.


There is another pretty handy option on the 405x that makes the mower start at the maximum cutting height and achieve the target height after a 10-day period. This is important because if you started on a low setting, the mower would not be able to handle it straight away if the grass was too long.

There are other perhaps less useful accessories that can be purchased for the Husqvarna 405x such as a wall hanger. This is so that you can store it for the winter months somewhere and save a bit of space.

The 315x is more expensive than the 405x. The only major difference in operation is that the 315x is capable of mowing a larger area (up to 1600 square metres vs the 600 m2 for the 405x).

Overall, I really like the Husqvarna 405x. It has almost every feature that I could possibly think of needing except for edge mode. It is almost silent when it runs, can be used from a mobile phone, includes innovative features and gives a really great cut. 041b061a72


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