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I mean, don't get me wrong, it wasn't unwatchable, but it was so corny that I couldn't really help myself but laugh. The fight scenes were pretty pitiful, they replayed the same kick maybe about 10 times throughout, and the characters didn't build at all from where we met them. But what do you expect from a movie called Evil Feed The jokes in it were very simple, but mixed with the bad acting and the obvious story line I did end up laughing a few times, but not at the jokes. It is a movie that you will just shake your head to, and be mildly amused if there is absolutely nothing else to watch. Being a Canadian, I do like to give Canadian films a fair try (filmed in Vancouver), so that was pretty much what lured me in. Don't watch this if you are looking for a thriller, horror movie or a fight movie. This is neither, but I don't think it really tried to be. Again, only watch if you have a lot of free time, or if you are high.

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Piracy is different. There is already a supply of the product freely available at uninflated market rates. Nobody is trying to choke off your supply of Spiderman 2 or Skyrim. Drastically reducing piracy is a much simpler legislative task than eliminating drugs; you simply go after the advertisers who support pirate-based websites, the pirate websites themselves, and make sure to from time to time make an example of one of the downloaders themselves (which creates a fear-based incentive to not pirate). Since there is a parallel supply chain (i.e., the legitimate sales of the product), demand for pirated goods should decrease rather elastically as the risk of consuming and distributing such goods is increased. Whether lawmakers will go down this road or not remains to be seen, but right now all signs point to yes.

Once information is digitized, the costs of replication and distribution are close to nil. This means the open market value of a digital copy of a movie also becomes pretty close to nil. The purpose of digitizing data is easier (and cheaper) copying, storing, processing, and distribution. Welcome, big media, and Ryan, to the free market in the information age.

And if the answer is "no, we value our freedom more then our ability to watch new movies and sitcoms" then I'm pretty sure Hollywood will accept this answer and will happily continue to ignore "these crazy Linux people".

I don't think he actually does this any more, judging from the volume of the Political Notes section of his personal website, and the fact that the one email I know of in which he mentioned that was circa 10 years ago IIRC.> That should give you an idea of how reality-based his web policy proposals are.The freedom to be able to do crazy fun things like this is important, though. I have weird pandoc / latex / mupdf based feed reader I hacked together, which I love, and this kind of innovation that is threatened by DRM.Catering to non tech savvy users is important, sure, but using "reality-based" implies that there is and should be one way to access internet services, and it isn't worth caring about alternatives. Stallman: The W3C's Soul at Stake Posted May 8, 2013 16:08 UTC (Wed) by geofft (subscriber, #59789) [Link]

When I travel in contintental Europe, many of my BBC podcasts fail to download, and instead I get a recorded message telling me that its not available outside the UK (many do still work - particularly those that don't use content not owned by the BBC (i.e. not music programming) - and much pure-BBC output is provided free to the rest of the word). Who has a right to free BBC Posted May 9, 2013 10:29 UTC (Thu) by madhatter (subscriber, #4665)


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