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Release It!: Design And Deploy Production-Ready...

The final stage of a mature CI/CD pipeline is continuous deployment. As an extension of continuous delivery, which automates the release of a production-ready build to a code repository, continuous deployment automates releasing an app to production. Because there is no manual gate at the stage of the pipeline before production, continuous deployment relies heavily on well-designed test automation.

Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready...

Scaleform Corporation is a leading provider of tools and middleware for the video game, embedded, mobile, and desktop markets. Scaleform licenses a suite of cross platform, hardware accelerated vector graphics engines and UI toolkits, which allow users to design, develop, and deploy a variety of interactive entertainment content across a wide range of platforms and formats. For more information, please visit:

This document provides application deployment best practices for Pega Platform developers and release managers. The list of best practices collates Pega application deployment experiences from lead system architects and release managers.

A guide with the general steps to deploy and validate the structured solution components from both the SUSE and partner portfolios. This provides a shareable template of consistency for consumers to leverage for similar production ready solutions, including design considerations, implementation suggestions and best practices.

WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation: WhereScape helps IT organizations leverage automation to more swiftly design, develop, deploy, and operate their data infrastructure. WhereScape automation can eliminate coding by hand and other repetitive, time-intensive tasks related to data infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment: 2-Week Support Service: TOSYS' offering includes the design and deployment of a tailored Azure Virtual Desktop environment, enabling your employees to work securely from anywhere. This offer is available only in Japanese.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops FastTrack: 4-Week Implementation: In this engagement, ITI will work with your stakeholders to design and deploy a tailored Citrix virtual apps and desktops environment using Windows 10 and Windows 11 multisession desktops.

Microsoft Sentinel: 3-Week Workshop: Exelegent's workshop is designed to create customer intent for deploying and adopting Microsoft Sentinel, giving you the information you need to build a business case for production deployment.

Adyen is looking for a Machine Learning Scientist to join our team in Amsterdam, a person sitting at the cornerstone of algorithms, mathematics and engineering, who can solve problems by designing and implementing production-ready data science algorithms and machine learning models. You will be responsible for building, developing and deploying algorithms that power data products at Adyen. In this role, you will:

Today we are happy to announce the 0.2 release which improves stability and performance, allows for cluster wide deployment and automated injection of sidecars in Kubernetes, adds policy and authentication for TCP services, and enables expansion of the mesh to include services deployed in virtual machines. In addition, Istio can now run outside Kubernetes, leveraging Consul/Nomad or Eureka. Beyond core features, Istio is now ready for extensions to be written by third party companies and developers. 041b061a72


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