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Rufio Perhaps I Suppose Deluxe Edition Rar [Extra Quality]

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Rufio's Debut Album Gets a Deluxe Reissue

Rufio, the melodic punk rock band from Rancho Cucamonga, California, released their first album Perhaps, I Suppose... in 2001. The album was a success among fans of the genre, selling over 100,000 copies and showcasing the band's energetic and catchy style. Four years later, the label The Militia Group decided to reissue the album in a deluxe edition, with some improvements and additions.

The deluxe edition of Perhaps, I Suppose... features all 15 tracks from the original release, remixed, remastered and repackaged. The sound quality is enhanced, making the songs more powerful and crisp. The album also includes five bonus tracks, taken from the band's original demos. These are Above Me, Road to Recovery, One Slowdance, Just a Memory and Save the World. These songs show the band's early potential and rawness, before they refined their sound in the studio.

The deluxe edition of Perhaps, I Suppose... is a must-have for Rufio fans and collectors, as well as for anyone who enjoys melodic punk rock with a touch of emo and hardcore. The album is a classic of the genre, full of memorable hooks, fast riffs, soaring vocals and emotional lyrics. Rufio proved with this album that they were one of the best bands in the scene, and this reissue gives them the recognition they deserve.

The deluxe edition of Perhaps, I Suppose... is available on CD and digital download from The Militia Group[^1^]. You can also listen to it on YouTube[^3^].

In this article, we will review some of the highlights of Perhaps, I Suppose..., and compare the original and deluxe versions of the songs. We will also look at Rufio's career and legacy, and how this album influenced their later works.

Above Me

This is the opening track and one of the most popular songs by Rufio. It starts with a catchy guitar riff, followed by a fast drum beat and a powerful vocal delivery by Scott Sellers. The song is about feeling insecure and inferior in a relationship, and wanting to be more than just a friend. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, with the band singing "You're above me" in harmony. The song also features a guitar solo by Clark Domae, who shows his skills on the lead guitar.

The original demo version of this song is very similar to the final version, except for some minor differences in the production and vocals. The deluxe version has a cleaner and louder sound, making the song more impactful. The vocals are also more polished and confident, especially in the chorus. The guitar solo is slightly different, with some added notes and effects.


This is another fan-favorite song by Rufio, and one of their most emotional ones. It is a slower and softer song, with acoustic guitars and piano. The song is about missing someone who has left, and hoping that they still think of you. The lyrics are heartfelt and sincere, with lines like "I still think about you every night / I still want to be with you / I still love you". The song builds up to a climax, with electric guitars and drums joining in. The song ends with a fade-out, leaving a sense of longing and sadness.

The original demo version of this song is very different from the final version. It is much faster and louder, with distorted guitars and drums throughout. The vocals are also more aggressive and less melodic, making the song more punk than emo. The deluxe version has a more refined and mature sound, making the song more emotional and touching. The vocals are also more melodic and expressive, conveying the feelings of the lyrics better.

One Slowdance

This is one of the shortest songs by Rufio, lasting only 1:38 minutes. It is a simple and sweet song, with acoustic guitars and vocals. The song is about wanting to dance with someone you like, and hoping that they feel the same way. The lyrics are cute and innocent, with lines like "I want to hold you close / I want to feel your heartbeat / I want to know what you're thinking". The song has a happy and upbeat vibe, makin


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