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Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0: The Ultimate Navigation System for Europe

Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0: The Ultimate Navigation System for Europe

If you own a Nissan car with a Xanavi X6.0 navigation system, you might be interested in updating your maps with the latest DVD release for 2012-2013. This DVD contains the most up-to-date map data for Europe, covering 28 countries and over 10 million kilometers of roads. You will also benefit from thousands of points of interest (POIs) that will help you find the best places to visit, eat, shop, and more.

Nissan Xanavi Dvd X60 Sat Nav 20122013rar

The Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0 is compatible with the following models:

  • NISSAN 350z Roadster 2003-2005

  • NISSAN Almera 2004-2010

  • NISSAN Murano 2005- 2006

  • NISSAN Pathfinder 2002-2004

  • NISSAN Patrol 2002- 2005

  • NISSAN Primera 2003- 2010

  • NISSAN Tino 2004- 2010

  • NISSAN Xtrail 2003- 2005

The installation process is very simple and fast. You just need to remove your old disc and insert the new one, and your system will automatically update the firmware and the maps. You will also enjoy the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) service in 13 countries, which will provide you with real-time traffic information and alternative routes.

The Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0 is the ultimate navigation partner for your journeys in Europe. Whether you are driving for business or pleasure, you will always have the most accurate and reliable guidance from your system. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest DVD release for your Nissan Xanavi X6.0 navigation system.

The Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0 navigation system has many features that will enhance your driving experience. Some of the features are:

  • A high-resolution 7-inch color display that shows you the map and the directions clearly and vividly.

  • A voice guidance system that speaks to you in your preferred language and gives you turn-by-turn instructions.

  • A split-screen mode that allows you to see two different views of the map at the same time, such as the overview and the detailed view.

  • A birdview mode that gives you a 3D perspective of the map and the landmarks.

  • A dynamic route calculation that takes into account the current traffic situation and suggests the best route for you.

  • A speed limit indicator that shows you the maximum speed allowed on the road you are driving on.

  • A lane guidance system that helps you to choose the correct lane at complex junctions and exits.

  • A personal points of interest (PPOI) feature that lets you store your favorite destinations and access them easily.

With the Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0 navigation system, you will never get lost or bored on the road. You will always have the latest information and entertainment at your fingertips. You can also enjoy playing music and videos from various sources, such as CD, DVD, MP3, WMA, or iPod. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth and make hands-free calls or stream audio.

The Nissan Xanavi DVD X6.0 navigation system is more than just a map. It is a smart and reliable companion that will make your journeys easier and more enjoyable. Order your DVD today and get ready to explore Europe with confidence and style. e0e6b7cb5c


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