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Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Lyrics)

Vulnerability isn't the word we typically expect a pop star to use when talking about a hit song, but "Fight Song" has morphed into an anthem of strength for people fighting life-threatening illnesses. With the hashtag #MyFightSong, fans post photos, videos and messages about their struggles, and Platten curates them online. Over 50 million people have watched a video by metastatic breast cancer patient Holley Kitchen, who, before her death, shared her story as "Fight Song" played in the background.

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Lyrics)


This song is very inspirational to me it teaches me to be strong at all times even if youre going through a rough time you have to be strong and you matter cause you still a lot of fight left in you and a lot to offer in this unfair world.

For me this song means alot, It give me a realization what life is all about. It also taught me what am I going to do in this unfair world and it is to fight, never giving up to those challenges that it throw, and don't scared to show who you are co'z youre just you and it will never be change no matter what.

I think this song is dedicated to all those people who have gone through rough times in their lives , after recovery they have been taken for granted,this song is meant to show them that no matter what you've been through never give up and show all those people that you are a fighter and that you still have a lot of fight left in you 041b061a72


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