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Forensic Psychology Online Degrees

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Forensic Psychology Online Degrees

Eventually, you'll need an advanced degree to work in research or clinical psychology positions within the field. But even without a graduate degree, a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology can set you up for a number of cool entry-level jobs in law enforcement, criminal justice, or even forensic social work. Some examples include victim advocacy, correctional treatment, policing, or detective roles.

Bay Path's online degree in forensic psychology includes a capstone course with hands-on learning opportunities. The forensic psychology program at Bay Path also allows you to take up to two graduate-level courses while completing your undergrad degree.

Maryville, a private university in St. Louis, Missouri, designed its program to blend psychology with criminal justice. Plus, the degree incorporates an internship with its forensic psychology undergraduate curriculum. You'll complete 135-150 hours of practical experience, bringing together what you've learned about psychology, criminal justice, and social science.

The forensic psychology program at SNHU allows you to incorporate social science research throughout your studies, exploring where psychology meets law. The embedded data literacy certificate and electives coursework allow you to tailor your forensic psychology degree at SNHU to your career interests.

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Faulkner integrates ethics and cultural competency in its online forensic psychology program. You'll begin by building a foundation in tangible skills and then specialize as you advance through the degree. Plus, Faulkner's program requires you to complete an internship in your senior year.

ASU offers you the option of pursuing a BS or BA through its online forensic psychology degrees. Both options prepare you for careers in mental health or criminal justice, but the BS includes extra lab classes.

With a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology, you can earn between $59,000-$84,000 per year in various jobs in the field. But if you go on to become a forensic psychologist, which requires a doctoral degree, you can expect an even higher salary. The BLS reports that forensic psychologists earned a median annual salary of $102,900 in 2021. The highest-earning clinicians earned over $133,890.

Bachelor's programs require 120-130 credits, including any associate degree credits. Bachelor's degrees can take four years of full-time enrollment to finish. Accelerated psychology programs can take half as long.

There is a lot of interesting work to do in the field along the way, though. For example, an online bachelor's degree in forensic psychology qualifies you to work as a forensic tech. In this role, you'll get to assist with criminal investigations by analyzing evidence, either at crime scenes or in a lab.

This course is the culminating experience for students in the Master of Science in forensic psychology program. Students review and synthesize current literature in the field and make actionable research and policy recommendations through written exams.

This degree can prepare you for certain doctoral programs in forensic psychology. Your education can also support career growth in related fields, such as mental health or the judicial system. Career options along these lines, including those that may require additional training, are listed below:

Forensic psychology explores the relationship between psychology and the law. That includes corrections, courts, criminal behavior, diagnosis, treatment and much more. As a forensic psychologist, you may help determine the mental state of criminal defendants. You could also work in other parts of the justice system, including law enforcement or corrections. If you have a career in these fields, or in investigations or mental health, you can build valuable and directly relevant knowledge through this online forensic psychology degree concentration.

The BS in psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology emph


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