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How to Win Money in Football Betting

Winning money in football betting is a question that every participant in this field asks themselves. However, the number of people who can actually achieve this is likely to be a very small fraction of the entire community of football bettors using the most reputable bookmakers in Vietnam.

Strategies for Winning Money in Football Betting

The Harsh Reality of Football Betting

Everyone wishes to win money from football betting, but the reality often shows the opposite outcome. Most players lose a significant amount of money to the bookmakers. A player might win a few matches in the intellectual battle against the bookmaker, but over the long haul, the bookmaker typically comes out on top.

There is a famous saying among bookmakers: "We are not afraid of losing all our money, bet win tips are only afraid that people will stop betting." In the betting community, there is a piece of advice for anyone participating in football betting: "There is one way to never lose in betting, and that is to never bet at all." This seemingly humorous statement turns out to be a bitter truth that many people realize only after they have deeply involved themselves in this path.

Avoiding Losses

The first step to winning money in football betting is to minimize losses. Someone on the Asianbookie forum once said: "For me, betting is like catching a bus; if you miss this one, there will be another one." The essence of this statement is that betting is a long journey, and matches happen every day. If you cannot bet on this game because it is not certain, you can wait for the next one or keep watching until a better opportunity arises.

Sometimes, a match that was initially analyzed to be worth betting on might not seem safe due to last-minute changes or developments during the game. In such cases, bettors should feel free to back out to preserve their capital. This ability to exit and preserve capital distinguishes football betting from gambling. In betting, you can pull back if you doubt the odds of winning that match, whereas in gambling, the result is purely based on luck once the bet is placed.

In summary, if a match or bet does not feel safe, you have the right to withdraw, which helps you avoid losing your capital and wait patiently for a better opportunity.

Self-Reliance in Betting

To excel in football betting, you need to develop your own techniques and not rely on anyone else. This advice comes from personal experience. When I started betting, I knew nothing and just followed others on betting forums. This practice, known as "tailing," means completely depending on those providing the odds. However, this dependence results in a lack of understanding of why they chose those bets, leading to wins and losses without comprehension. Over time, excessive tailing often results in more losses, as not everyone you follow has good form or expertise.

This prolonged dependence leaves you in a situation where you participate in this field daily without gaining any knowledge or experience. The lack of knowledge and skills means you will eventually only lose. Learning from this, I began analyzing and choosing bets independently. I focused on specific types of bets, as the multitude of betting types in football is overwhelming. Concentrating on a few that interest you the most allows for more organized and effective thinking.

By focusing on one type of bet, you avoid getting lost in the myriad of flashing figures that asian bookies present. This focus helps you identify how bookmakers set odds for specific types of bets. The next step is patience and meticulous filtering, noting how often certain bets lead to certain outcomes in specific leagues.

It's important to realize that there is no absolute method or strategy in football betting. Bookmakers understand this and constantly change how they set odds to beat those who tend to bet on a specific type of bet. Therefore, you must analyze, categorize, and study the win rates of these bets in various leagues. This requires a lot of time and experience, but it pays off as you will understand why you win or lose and not be confused by the numerous betting options.

Managing Betting Funds

Football betting is similar to investing: you put money in, win, and make a profit, or lose and incur a loss. This concept should be clear. However, many people do not distinguish between betting as a game and betting as an investment. When you don’t view betting as an investment to make money, you are likely to fail.

A common psychological trait among bettors is that when they win, the amount is usually small and takes a long time, but when they lose, the amount is large and lost very quickly. They often attribute this to impatience and the urge to recover losses, leading to quick and substantial losses.

To avoid this, learn to allocate your betting funds appropriately. Just like in any investment, profit is crucial. Plan how much to bet per match and per day. Decide how much profit will make you stop and how much loss will make you take a break. This discipline is easier said than done. Winning makes you want to win more, but luck is not always on your side. Losing triggers a desire to recover, often leading to irrational decisions. Therefore, set clear daily, weekly, and monthly goals for both wins and losses.

Previously, lacking expertise in betting and fund management, I used to bet all night, placing bets until there were no more matches or my account was empty. This approach is futile and results in wasting time and money.

Over time, I stopped betting on many matches and never bet more than 2 million VND per match. Setting goals and striving to achieve them has become my strategy.

As a seasoned bettor, you will realize the importance of money and the necessity to stay alert and wise to retain it. Some people think the flashing figures of the odds have a magical power that makes them unable to stop betting. This is laughable; if they were clear-headed, they wouldn’t think or say such things.


To win money in football betting, always remember these three principles:

Wait for good odds and always preserve your capital.

Enhance your betting skills and expertise to avoid getting lost in the sea of betting options.

Learn to manage your funds and set daily and weekly win/loss goals.

I believe that if you follow these three points, you will reduce your losses compared to before. Over time, you will have a chance to win money from the australian bookmaker reviews. Though it is difficult, perseverance can lead to success.

I wish you a clear mind and good luck in your football betting endeavors.


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