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Facebook Account Blocked Because Of Virus

Facebook said that because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has fewer people available to review IDs. It uses artificial intelligence, too, but its help center warns that reviews "may take longer than usual."

facebook account blocked because of virus

The whole point of VPN is to remain anonymous, but real anonymity on Facebook can be difficult to achieve, with or without it. The reason I say this is because all Facebook accounts are tied to either an email address and/or a phone number. Facebook places great emphasis on being able to tie your account credentials to an actual human being.

The reason Facebook sometimes blocks accounts using VPN is because it also keep lists of IP address ranges that are for know for VPN usage. Facebook checks your IP address every time you log in. It's one of the ways they confirm that you really are who you say you are. Another reason Facebook is so stringent about security is because a percentage of their accounts are always under attack by hackers. When you sign into your account using VPN, your IP address suddenly may not fall into the range Facebook has associated with your location. Facebook often treats this scenario as though someone's trying to hack your account. Some solutions for getting the block on your account lifted include:

2) Your account was already compromised, either through a previous phishing attempt or because you have weak password security that allowed an attacker to access your account through a data breach from another source.

  • If you have joined too many groups at once, your account can get disabledAlso read: Blocked On Snapchat: Figure Out What-To-Do, The Fixes, and FAQsSpam

Sharing spam posts, too many posts or sending too many requests can be the reasons for blocked account

Microsoft has basic free anti-virus and anti-spyware security software built-in on Windows 8 and abovefor Windows 7 (see What is Microsoft Security Essentials?). If your security software hasn't detected malware, scan your system with the free malware scanning programs listed below. You should scan with all programs because each program detects different malware and make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.

Second, they activated two-factor authentication. This is supposed to increase the security of a system because you need to enter a code in addition to your password. The problem occurs when, again, it points away from the account owner and to the hackers instead.

I was just wondering if you ever got a reply from facebook/ managed to get back in? Like you, I have about a decade of photos on there, and also just feel really uncomfortable that a hacker still has access to my account!

Hi there! The same thing happened to me and I am STRUGGLING. I run multiple facebook accounts for my clients through my personal account and am at a complete loss. If you have found a solution, please do share!

I have been off facebook since June 2022 and I finally changed the email and password to the account In July but now this 2FA is turned on I need it to be turned off so I can enter my new phone number!

I have also recently had this happen to me and because of trying so many times trying to fix the problem (I was kinda trying a little bit of everything no realizing you could over try) and now I too cannot submit my ID to attempt to get my account back. Are you saying that if I stop trying for a week or so, it will let me try again?

On the Oculus website there is a support section. I submitted a ticket explaining how I could not connect my Oculus to Facebook because my account was hacked. I purchased the Oculus Quest. Because I did not need to open it, I plan to return it.

Same thing has happened me ? seems like my old Yahoo account was involved in a data breach so hackers were able to change everything and deactivate my facebook. This happened yesterday so have been trying everywhere but seem to be going round in circles to no avail. Keeping positive thoughts that I can get it resolved but facebook customer service is juat awful. Have started bombarding them on twitter and even instagram for help.

The update is at the end of the original blog post, not in the comments. This link should take you right to it; otherwise, just look for the UPDATE heading in the main text:

Hi I had some anxiety on my PC and set up a facebook code via Microsoft Authenticator app as extra security after putting in password,to my horror I reset my phone and the codes i had were lost. In saying this I do have some strong suspicions due to other security issues ive had that efforts have been made from possible hackers i do not get my account back,however I know my facebook account has not gone as I still get friend updates via email. Ive contacted Oculus support but I doubt them like everything else at the moment. I get responses from facebook I can not use this feature anymore as ive sent passport national insurance number and any other desperate measure I can think of. I could write a sadistic horror fim with facebook team getting a huge pleasure out of having absolute power and an ego trip. I am exempt from work on medical grounds and mentally I have been really stretched this past six weeks

Adding my name. 3 hour recovery time. HAcker changed language to Viet, changed my phone, turned on two step, changed my email and I was out.They were doing it for two days before I was completely locked out.I reported as hacked. I uploaded my id at least 5 or 6 times.Eventually they accepted one, and it was copy/paste the first link, because the 2nd and the code just put me in a loop, since my account was reported as hacked. But that link from the email that accepted the id was the one that got through. I had also tried replying to the no reply emails, begging them.I changed the recovery codes IMMEDIATELY upon regaining access. I should change the email too. Then deactivate.

Hi Elaine, On September 22 my email, Facebook and Instagram were hacked. After that both my social accounts were blocked by administrator. I do not have access to the relevant email after the attack. I can confirm them my identity how ever they need. But when I try to send a relevant form there Is a red sentense: due to the covid-19 we have no capacity to check your problem again. Is there any way how to get back my accounts without this form?

Well since 13th December 2021 I have been locked out of my account. Just now like on a regular occurrence I have sent my passport photograph as proof of who I am and unlike previous occasions I was sent a code to get access back. This has ironically happened after I changed my microsoft edge profile yesterday. It is clear some twisted individual got access to my set up and it worked for them I got locked out of Facebook!!! I cannot believe i am back but was pointless setting up a new account as was so irate over matter. Facebook though is a shambles. Nobody who worked for meta answered me on twitter. There is no customer service so do not set up extra security like I did. Back on facebook saturday night 28th /1/2023

The Facebook virus can be easily removed through an antivirus program. Norton is my preferred antivirus as its malware directory is constantly updated with the latest threats. Norton uses advanced heuristic analysis and machine learning technology that will help detect and block threats from infecting your account or device.


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