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Hemi-Sync - The Gateway Experience [FLAC] (corrected) 35 PATCHED

this post serves as an introduction to hemi-sync or the gateway process. it is a system that permits the isolation of consciousness from the reality that it inhabits. there have been a flood of articles regarding this process because the cia declassified its use when it was involved in remote viewing activities. yet all of the theories, and articles put forth still come associated with the baggage of an imperfect understanding of the true and real nature of the universe. here, we are going to present the techniques alongside the way the universe actually operates. 

Hemi-Sync - The Gateway Experience [FLAC] (corrected) 35

Download Zip:

i have a pretty full collection of hemi-sync cds including the complete gateway experience cds. i try to listen to something every few days. a few days ago i received heros journey in the mail. i let it sit at my listening station for a couple of days before i got around to putting on the headphone and listening. 

the audio track engages the listener to hemi-sync, and gives them an experience that is a type of self-hypnosis. you simply relax and listen to the woman talk you into a state of relaxation. for some people they find this particular set of music very relaxing and calming. for others, who prefer an over-wrought mind, find it uncomfortable. 

the gateway tapes come in two main versions, one for auditory use and one for visual use. the auditory version is primarily an orchestral performance with recording while the visual version is a live performance. they are named according to the physical movement of the performer. both versions will induce what the performers call the gateway experience. the gateway tapes version for visual use is an audio-visual performance, where he moves around the stage and makes a soundtrack.


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