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Power-user For PowerPoint And Excel 1.6.492.0 Key

What use for slides in the conference room? For those of you who are blind or visually impaired, Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel provides a solution. It works in conjunction with Power-user and is great for creating a more intimate environment where conversations can take place. You can listen to the audio from PowerPoint slides as you browse in full view of the screen. Images and text are not muted. Add your own annotations. Its great! For additional functionality, please see the blog posts on Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel on the Microsoft MVP Program website. Those posts include screenshots.

Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel 1.6.492.0 Key


The ability to display images from various sources in PowerPoint or Excel is often a huge time-saver. For example, you can add images from the web, email, contacts, or OneNote. You can also use the ImageRuler tool to add the correct spacing to your images. If you need to set up online sharing, share a presentation, add a slide or make comments on your slides, you are in luck! You can access the sharing tools from within Power-user.

Tables are a common format for data and are an important tool for slide design. Power-user does all the heavy lifting, lets you quickly and efficiently create amazing tables. Just drag a cell, drag it over any other cells and it will automatically connect. You can then easily select table objects, cells, columns or rows, or even entire rows or columns, and you can modify their properties. Creating multiple columns is done in the same way, using the same hotkey. One of the coolest features of the add-in is that you can now create objects using your regular keyboard. Just press the Ctrl key + the letter of the object you wish to create (A for text, Z for shapes, etc.) and it will be created automatically. No more pressing Alt and then hoping you dont press the Tab key for some stupid menu. This is a real time saver, and you can even use the same hotkey for multiple objects if that makes sense for your slides.


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