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Webs Of Influence: The Psychology Of Online Per...

If you're looking for an online master's in psychology that's more focused on problem-solving, you might consider Liberty University. Liberty's online master of applied psychology program offers concentrations in general psychology, developmental psychology, and public mental health. You can also choose an industrial and organizational psychology focus.

Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Per...

To apply to Brescia's online master's in psychology program, you need to submit an application, official transcripts, and a personal statement. You must also show at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and a minimum of 12 credits in psychology.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers an MS in psychology with a forensic concentration option. ULM's online MS in psychology program includes courses in research methods, neuropsychology, and statistics. If you don't specialize in forensic science, you'll need to take personality and social psychology coursework.

Consider an MS in psychology at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Lynn's online MS in psychology program might be ideal if you want a career in research or scientific writing. You can choose between the general track and the industrial/organizational psychology concentration.

Consider this online master of arts (MA) in psychology if you want a faith-based graduate education. Indiana Wesleyan University-National & Global's MA in psychology program offers concentrations in industrial and organizational psychology, and life coaching and positive psychology.

An MS in psychology from Saint Leo University can prepare you for data analysis, market research, or teaching careers. Saint Leo's online MS in psychology program teaches broad psychological knowledge with applied skills.

You don't need GRE scores to apply. However, you must submit official transcripts from your undergrad school and a free online application. If you don't have an undergrad degree in psychology, you might need to take foundation courses once you're accepted.

A full-time student can complete an online master's degree in psychology in two years. Part-time students who are also juggling jobs or families may take 3-4 years. Most master's programs in psychology also require internships. 041b061a72


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